Podini Foundation - About us

The Podini Foundation ONLUS is a non-profit organization with a social and human solidarity mission.

Millennium Goals
Millennium Goals

The Foundation is based on universal principles of brotherhood and human solidarity and works for the dissemination of sustainable development, following the guidelines of the Millennium Goals of the United Nations. It focuses on children and young people and supports initiatives to promote their right to education, health and a decent future life. 

The Foundation was established in 2010, but our parents started the philanthropic activities in the 70’s in the Southeast Asia. Their first important initiative was in India where they donated a house to a lepers colony, allowing a family with some lepers members to live with dignity in spite of the strong marginalization to which they were subjected in their country. Since then the initiatives spread in different countries focusing in the last decade in Eritrea and Cambodia.”

Giovanni Podini, President of the Foundation