Podini Foundation - What we do

Scope of action:

The Podini Foundation:

  1. intervenes in projects dedicated to children and young people up to the age of 18 years
  2. promotes and supports projects and initiatives oriented to care, sustain and educate poor and marginalized children and young people subject to forms of social discomfort, to give them a better life expectancy
  3. intervenes in projects and in development initiatives of assistance, hospitality and education for children and young people
  4. intervenes in projects for professional training to improve employment chances of young people
  5. supports both national and international projects with no political, religious, race and sex discrimination
  6. promotes and supports collaborative projects with institutions, associations and authorities with goals and purposes similar to those of the Foundation
  7. promotes and supports projects and initiatives aimed at assisting and accompanying elder people (for example next to death - Hospizbewegung) and their relatives;