School of Peace of Boeung Tumpun

Proud of their tradition

There is in Phnom Penh a district jarring conspicuously with the rest of the city in strong development. It is the neighborhood of Boeung Tumpun, located on the banks of the Tonlesap river, where the children, all from very numerous families, are abandoned for most of the day to themselves.

In this district the Comunità di S. Egidio along with an Italian priest, Father Mario, has created a beautiful and useful initiative to remove children from the street. On days when there is no school Cambodian young people take care of them, make them entertain and teach their traditions in addition to English.

We visited the "School of Peace" for the first time in November 2012, and we appreciated the excellent work they are doing. It was nice to see the traditional Cambodian dancing and playing with children, but above all it has been a pleasure to be able to deliver to children sportswear provided by Milan Foundation and Geox and seeing their joy.

The greatest gift, though, was the one we brought home with us. The children had prepared lovely booklets, in which they describe themselves and their country. Back home we delivered them to their Italian peers, who had previously done the same.

Traditional Cambodian dances by children of the School of Peace in Boeung Tumpun
Boeung Tumpun's children playing at the School of Peace of S. Egidio
Delivery of sport material to Boeung Tumpun's children

Together with us gave a smile to these children..

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