Hammedey Village

Hammedey's children

Water first of all

The rainwater tank donated to Hammedey

There are periods of the year, during the rain season, when water poures down from the sky and others when it is so rare that it becomes the most precious good everyone il looking for. Too much or too little is a tough law of nature in these places and unfortunately is always the too little that stands out.

Still lacking the power to "build water" we decided to build for the Hammedey village a tank to collect rainwater. This should help them keep a little longer the godsend and so get over the dried months.

...then a school

Among the Millennium Goals of the United Nations there is with good cause the one of children education, being the booster of sustainable future. So the school building means for us much more than just a shelter for students. It's a real symbol for young people striving to have a better future. It is the changing agent of healthier behaviors which can be spread thanks children to the rest of the population.

That is why we were happy to give to Hammedey a primary school for 320 children together with some housing for the teachers. Because they represented for us not only walls and a roof, but a step toward the reconstruction of this country that all NGOs have been forced to officially leave.

The school donated to Hammedey
Dr. Giancarlo Podini and his wife Isabella visiting the school
Children at lesson