A good way to learn, starting from the needs of others and the community

The “PODINI FOUNDATION ONLUS SCHOLARSHIP” project is drafted by our Foundation and promoted by the education authority and aimed at the Italian High Schools of Alto Adige. It plans the establishment of eight scholarships that will be awarded to deserving students who have produced the best essays on the topic:

 “Non-profit organization:
Your ideas on volunteer work and mission of non-profit organizations”

The students will have the chance to experience volunteer work in Italy and in foreign countries. Through this initiative, the Podini Foundation wants to raise awareness among young people around the theme of volunteering and giving some of them the chance to live a compassionate experience, a good way to learn from the needs of others and the community.

The winning students will participate, in pairs, at the following experiences:  

One week of traveling in Phnom Penh with IL NODO ONLUS
Pilgrimage in Lourdes, an unforgettable experience with Malta Help.bz

Eastern in Val di Non with a group of disabled people with A.I.A.S.

Internship at the AGENZIA PER LA PROTEZIONE CIVILE the cornerstone for the management of risks in Alto Adige