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21.09.2017 – As with friends, when you return from a trip you want to tell what you have lived. This is what happened in the conference room of the Twenty where the winning students of the scholarships of the Scholarship project conceived by the Podini Foundation Onlus (shared by the School Superintendence.) Shared their experiences with those present.

The nine boys were able to touch, from different points of view, the world of volunteering; the emotions that arose from these experiences were strong but constructive, both from an emotional point of view and for the personal growth of each of them.

Riccardo Perini – “Torricelli” Scientific High School – Bonny Francesco Gomez – “Galilei” Institute – – and Dyrmishaj Paula – “Claudia de Medici” Higher Secondary Institute – carried out an internship at the Civil Protection Agency: thanks to this experience they came into direct contact with the extraordinary civil protection machine which in South Tyrol has 19,000 volunteers. Every day, for a week, they visited the operational offices of the various sectors: Fire Brigade, White Cross, Red Cross and Alpine Rescue.

Claudia Nibale – ITAS “Pertini” High School – took part in a stay in Romeno, in Val di Non, organized by the A.I.A.S Association; she together with a young group and she, flanked by a tutor, she helped the coordinators in the organization of leisure and recreation activities. Claudia found herself so at ease in this association that she participated, of her will, in the stay at the sea in August and will continue to dedicate her free hours to volunteering in the future.

Chiara Franchini – “Carducci” Classical High School and Miriam Mistretta – “Claudia de Medici” Higher Secondary Institute participated, together with the Order of Malta, in the pilgrimage to Lourdes in France. A tutor, made available by the Association, showed the two students how volunteering activities are coordinated during a Pilgrimage.

Francesco Palmisano – “Torricelli” Scientific High School – and Andrea Perasso – ITAS “Pertini” High School – were in Cambodia. Thanks to the collaboration of the Podini Foundation with the Il NODO ONLUS association, the two students had the opportunity to experience the activities of a voluntary association abroad directly in the field. During their stay in Cambodia they were followed by a tutor and participated in the distribution of filters for the purification of water. Landed in Phnom Penh they had the opportunity to visit the city and then embark on an adventurous journey through the Asian country until they reach Angkor Wat, the Khmer temple inside the archaeological site of Angkor, near the city of Siem Reap.

We remind you that the Podini Foundation Scholarship initiative was aimed at classes IV of Italian-language high schools in Alto Adige and rewarded the students who wrote the best papers on the theme: “NPOs: HOW THEY ARE AND HOW YOU WANT THEM” Your ideas on voluntary work and mission of non-profit organizations giving them the opportunity to live a volunteer experience in Italy and / or abroad.

“Podini Foundation Scholarship” is a further initiative of the Podini Foundation in the South Tyrolean area, aimed in particular at raising awareness among young people on the subject of volunteering by giving some of them the opportunity to live a human experience and to learn from needs of others

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