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25.01.2018 – The press conference on the new information brochure „Preventing memory disorders“ will be held at the headquarters in Piazza Gries, edited on behalf of ASAA by Dr. Barbara Plagg, with kind support from the Municipality of Bolzano. The author who will illustrate the contents, studied Alzheimer’s disease genetics at the University of Munich and is currently working as a researcher and lecturer at the Free University of Bolzano in the environment and health sector. ASAA President Dr. Ulrich Seitz, Vice President Dr. Edith Moroder and the expert for the highest quality of life at home, architect Dr. Loris Alberghini, will indicate useful strategies against memory disorders in the management of daily life.

We all know that memory in old age can present deficits and therefore no longer be up to the usual performance. The ability to react and remember is reduced, we are no longer able to process new information at the pace of before. If, on the other hand, elderly people have continuous and increasing memory disorders, this may be the first sign of a progressive evolution that goes well beyond the “normal” forgetfulness of old age and could indicate an initial phase of the disease. So, anyone who realizes that his memory is deteriorating within a few months should look at it carefully and seriously. In fact, current studies show that those affected by Alzheimer’s disease sometimes realize very early that their memory is deteriorating, before a test can reveal actual disorders. This fact opens up the prospect of being able to recognize memory disorders at a very early stage. However, there are preventative strategies that work even in the presence of a mild cognitive impairment.

Unfortunately, however, there is no guarantee that dementia can be avoided. In fact, there are no single triggers, precise brain injuries or definitely identifiable pathogens. As with other diseases, there are likely several factors that contribute to the onset of dementia. Those who keep them under control can reduce the likelihood of getting sick. The reduction of risk factors can in fact postpone / postpone the manifestation of the disease and slow down its course. To actively reduce the risk of getting sick, there are already easy lifestyle changes to be adopted in everyday life. The new brochure indicates the risk factors and gives the right information on how they can be reduced. We all hope to keep a good memory and mental vivacity even in old age. Therefore, we invite you to inform yourself about the possible causes and the possibilities of reacting in time.

One of the recognized risk factors is depression. Those who suffer from long depressive attacks during their life without resorting to appropriate therapies are exposed to twice the risk of getting Alzheimer’s compared to other people. This factor can be reduced through specific treatments in the phases of greatest psychological suffering. Our conference last November on the topic of “depression-dementia. dementia-depression “highlighted these connections significantly.

Our President also intends to underline that ASAA feels it is his duty to increasingly represent the demands of the population who are continuously informing him about problems concerning public services. The new provincial health plan has been in place since 2016, which should cover the period up to 2020, but so far no significant concrete changes have been seen. There is still a lack of resources for new offers of care, there is a lack of specialized doctors and nurses, there are fewer beds in geriatric wards, family members are unlikely to combine their work with the care of their loved ones who are sick, and they urgently demand alternative models of care and housing. During the press conference, President Seitz therefore intends to present ideas for a package of measures to be implemented. – Finally he will present the new project for family members and care-givers entitled „Assisting and staying healthy“.

Our testimonials present at the press conference support us in our requests and will briefly speak:

The popular judge Dr. Gabriele Morandell, the provincial councilor Dr. Brigitte Foppa, the entrepreneur Dr. Alex Podini, prof. Stefan Zerbe of the University of Bolzano, the mayor of Egna Dr. Horst Pichler, the technician Mario Orlandi and the graphic designer Wolfgang Töchterle who accompanies our presentation.

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