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07.05.2020 – In conjunction with the reopening of the municipal cemetery, the free shuttle service provided by the Podini Foundation and carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Bolzano will also be active on Saturday 9th May. The initiative is aimed at people with severe walking problems and provides them with a shuttle to accompany them to visit the tombs of their loved ones.

“This service was inaugurated on 12 October 2019” explains Stefano Podini, representative of the Bolzano Foundation “and in its first 6 months of activity, more than 400 people have used it; these are mainly women (65%) over 70 years old. Sometimes our job is not limited to accompanying them to the tombs “continues Podini” there are cases where mourning is recent and with a word or simply with our presence, we try to give some comfort. We also have several “permanent” users, such as the gentleman over 80 who regularly visits the parents’ grave every Saturday morning and then his wife’s “.

In order to guarantee the service every weekend of the year, the Podini Foundation collaborates with two local associations: Malta and Volontarius.

“At the beginning – says Silvana, a volunteer from – the fact that the service was free has amazed many people; when I explained to them that I am a volunteer and I am there to help them and facilitate them, someone even got emotional “.

Andrea from the Volontarius association expresses with this thought what it means for him to volunteer at the cemetery: “How many life stories are shared, memories of loved ones and bygone times. When we say goodbye, many thank us for our business, but in fact we should be the ones who thank them for having opened their hearts and for enriching us as human beings “.

With the arrival of the summer heat, the service hours will change. Volunteers, equipped with the appropriate protective devices, will be present on Saturday and Sunday at the main entrance from 08.30 to 11.30.

We remind you that the Mayor of Bolzano has ordered the partial reopening of the Oltrisarco cemetery: from Monday to Friday from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm while on the weekend and on other holidays, all day from 08.00 to 18.30. The entrance to the cemetery will be allowed only with masks (or similar individual safety devices) with the obligation to respect the compulsory safety distances.

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